Nitrogen: difficult to grasp

A vital growing and healthy crop, that's what you prefer to see on your arable and vegetable farm. Nitrogen plays an important role in this: the right amount on the right moment. Not to much because of the risk of quality decrease, diseases and nitrogen leaching.
Not to little because of yield potential. To a certain degree you can manage this by means of the fertilizer applications, but partly you can't:

Nevertheless you can gain insight on this terrain.

What and when?

The soil organic matter is a complex substance. Manure, crop residues and green manures from the past years are, together with the humus, a buffer out of which nitrogen will be released to benefit your crops. The release of nitrogen can be estimated, but there is an easier and better way to gain insight: the computer model NDICEA nitrogen planner.

NDICEA nitrogen planner: complexity presented simple.

The program NDICEA nitrogen planner presents an integrated assessment on the question of nitrogen availability for your crops. This is more than a simple nitrogen budgeting for each crop: crop demand on one side, and expected availability out of artificial fertilizers and manures, crop residues, green manures and soil on the other side.

The NDICEA model has been developed, tested and used during more than fifteen years by the Louis Bolk Instituut, Netherlands. It is a unique combination of a very user-friendly interface and very complex calculations. It offers an easy way to obtain a reliable indication of the nitrogen dynamics and organic matter dynamics of your farm.

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